"Imagination" by Erwin Quah (Click Here)


Poetry Analysis

Tone/Mood: happiness, optimism, creative
Poetic devices:rhyme-"away" and "day", "talk" and "walk", "see" and "me"
alliteration- "Sing Songs of Spring"
assonance-" Away for the day", " Fly high in the sky"
Rhythm/ Rhyme: makes the poem easier to read and gives it a joyful tone.
    The author probably wrote this poem to inspire the reader to use their imagination more often. The author seperates the regular world from his imagination to show the grand difference between reality and what you are able to conceive in your mind. As he writes "I am going away, away for the day",  his writing describes imagination as an escape. Whether from hard times, or even  the daily stresses of life, the author feels that imagination is always accessible and can be an exciting adventure.